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Marquetry Wood Mosaics

Yosegizaiku ― Ichiro Ishikawa

Yosegi-zaiku is said to have been started by Jinbei Ishikawa, an ancestor of mine, at Hata-juku in Odawara, Hakone during the Edo period (1603-1868), and the original design was based on the stone pavement of the old highway in Hakone.
The original design is said to have been based on the stone pavement of the old highway in Hakone. Since various kinds of wood are used for the seed wood, the materials and hardness are different, and it takes a great deal of skill to process them in consideration of these factors.
Please enjoy the warmth and traditional true beauty that can only be experienced with handmade products.

Wood inlay

Mokuzougan ― Yoshihiro Ishiwaka

Using my experience as a yosegi-zaiku craftsman, I have added my own original techniques, which I learned from my own studies, to pass on wood inlays to the present.
The technique of inlaying marquetry into wood inlay was also a result of this experience.
As for painting, the touch of the painting remains the same in terms of the use of wood. That is why I pay close attention to the color scheme, the combination of wood grain patterns, and the marquetry patterns.
Please take a look at this exquisite wood art passed down from our ancestors.

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